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App support

Getting started

1. What is Vodafone Business Marketplace?
It is a one stop shop for a generous range of productive business apps, like Microsoft Office 365, G Suite and more, specifically chosen to turbo-charge your business, and boost collaboration and productivity within your team(s). The Vodafone Business Marketplace is free to use and all Vodafone Business customers are eligible for it.
2. How do I get started on the Vodafone Business Marketplace?
When you purchase your first application from us, we will send you an activation email, which you need to respond to within 15 minutes. You can request this be re-sent after this time using the original email. The next time you log in, you can do this directly from the Vodafone Business Marketplace log in page. Once you have logged in, you will be on the Dashboard page. From here, you can manage most of your tasks, including: • Inviting users to the Marketplace • Assigning application licences to Company Users • Purchasing new applications • See your recent activity in Marketplace such as any purchases, assigning of licences and requests from Company users. NOTE: when you purchase an App or cancel/change the number of licences on an App, you will also see a 'completed payment' event. This confirms that this will be added to your next bill.
3. How do I change my Vodafone Business Marketplace password?
Please follow below steps: • Log in to Vodafone Business Marketplace. • Go to the user name icon • Click on My settings tab • Under password section, input your old and new password • Click on Save settings
4. How do I manage my Vodafone Business Marketplace products and services?
How you manage your products and services will vary depending whether you are a Company User or Company Administrator. • If you are a Company User, contact your Company Administrator within your company and request the changes to be made to your application products and services on your behalf. • If you are a Company Administrator, you can buy products and assign product licences to particular users. The easiest and quickest way to manage your Vodafone Business Marketplace products and services is through your Vodafone Business Marketplace account.

Accounts and roles

1. What are the Vodafone Business Marketplace roles?
There are two different Marketplace roles. • Everyone that has use of an application that you have bought through the Marketplace is given the role of Company User. This allows them to log in to the Marketplace, see what applications have been assigned to them and use them. • A Company Administrator can buy products and assign product licences to particular Company Users.
2. How do I invite a new Company User to the Vodafone Business Marketplace?
Only the Company Administrator can invite new users to the Vodafone Business Marketplace and manage their licences. Please follow below steps: • Log in to your Vodafone Business Marketplace account • From the menu, choose the Manage, this will take you to the Dashboard page • To invite one user, add their email address (1), then click Invite • To invite more than one user, choose Invite Multiple (2) • Enter the user’s email address. The role will default to User • Click Send Invitations Upload a list of users • Click Upload Email List • Upload file requirements and format - File size should be less than 2 MB - Single Column plain text (*.txt) file - One email per line - Maximum of 2,000 lines • Click Choose File then choose the text file you want to send • Click Send Invitations - The user will get an email asking them to activate their account. Resend or revoke pending invitations • You can check the status of user invitations to see if the accounts have been activated. You can choose to resend the activation email, or revoke the setup. • From the menu, choose Users • Select Manage Invitations (1). This will show you a list of the pending invitations • Select Resend or Revoke – you’ll receive confirmation this has been completed
3. How do I disable or remove company users on Vodafone Business Marketplace?
Only Company Administrators can disable/enable or remove users from the Vodafone Business Marketplace. Disabling a Company User will keep their profile, but they will not have access to the Vodafone Business Marketplace or apps. This is useful for a temporary absence, and once a user returns, they can simply be enabled again. Find the user you wish to disable/enable and choose the available option to change their access. If an employee leaves your company, you can remove them completely. Before doing this, you will need to remove any apps and licences they currently have. Go to the Gear icon and select Remove User.

Buying and managing licenses

1. How do I assign a license in the Vodafone Business Marketplace?
To assign a Marketplace application licence to a new Company User, follow these steps: • Go to the Manage tab • Choose Assign Apps • On the Assign Apps screen, choose the application you want to assign on from the list on the left-hand side • A list of current users will be displayed on the right hand side. You will see a tick box next to the user’s name, select the ones you wish to assign the licences to. • Choose Save changes to complete the licence assignment.
2. How do I cancel the licenses in the Vodafone Business Marketplace?
• Log in to Vodafone Business Marketplace. • Go to the Manage tab • Choose Applications • On the Applications screen, choose Manage Apps from the left-hand menu • When you have found the application you want an additional licence for, go to the Manage button and choose Manage Application from the drop-down list • This will take you to a new screen with five tabs – choose the one marked Upgrade Subscription • Choose the product or service you want to update and enter the new total number of licences you want for your organisation. For example, if you currently have seven licences and want to cancel two of them, enter the total as five. (Likewise, if you were adding more licences, you’d need to enter the new total number of licences you want, not the amount you’re adding) • Next, un-assign the two licences from your Company Users NOTE: Licence cancellations will not take effect until the end of your current contract period – this is usually one month. To find out when this period ends: • Go to the Manage tab • Choose Applications • On the Applications screen, choose Manage Apps from the left-hand menu. The contract end date and renewal terms will show in the module on the right-hand side.


1. What happens if I forget my password for the Vodafone Business Marketplace?
• Select the forgot password link on the Marketplace login page • You will be sent a password reset email allowing you to change your password
2. Vodafone Business Marketplace site availability and maintenance
To ensure you get the best possible service, we regularly carry out maintenance checks and improvements on the site. We will notify Company Administrators by email if this is due to happen and again when the site is back up and running.

Contact US

1. Have you found the answers to your questions?
If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please contact your account manager (if applicable) or our Customer Care team at: 1907 for support queries. When asked please identify yourself as a Vodafone at home services customer and reference your Account Number (found at top of your Invoice)